Baby Halloween Costumes

Anybody with a baby should be thinking about baby Halloween costumes in the fall. It is great to be a new parent and discover that you can become a kid again along with your own child! We are not talking here about dressing up your baby at home like a doll, taking pictures and exclaiming over how cute he or she looks. Not only that, anyway. The most fun thing you can do at Halloween is to dress up with your baby and go out!

If you have not been trick or treating since you were in grade school, wouldn’t you like to try it again? It is probably best not to go out alone with your baby because people could realize the candy is for you – or anyway they will hope you are not feeding all that stuff to a tiny baby – so it may seem a little  strange. You could trust that most people will be too distracted by the cuteness of the baby to care, but then they may also be too distracted to remember to give you the candy at all. The best thing, if you can arrange it, is to go out with some small children of an age big enough to walk. If you don’t have any of your own, find friends who do and go trick or treating with them and their kids. You will love it!

You can buy baby costumes for Halloween and parties but check out the fabric as it is often synthetic which may give your baby a rash and may be flammable too. It may be better to create the main body part of the costume yourself from a piece of clothing that the baby already owns and add some bought accessories. Do not forget to make the costume appropriate for the weather. You will want your baby’s hands and feet to be covered if it is cold, and rain protection may be necessary. In warm weather you will not want a heavy costume that will make your baby uncomfortably hot, but you could carry extra layers in case the weather changes.

You do not have to dress your baby as anything scary, like a ghost or a witch. You can take something like a fuzzy bodysuit or a pair of baby’s pajamas and create an animal costume from that. Maybe you have something with a tiger print, but it does not have to be so exotic. A plain white suit could be made into a rabbit costume with the addition of ears, whiskers and a little white tail.

Even better, why not dress yourself up to match or complement your baby’s costume? That way you really get to be a kid again! You could be a mother kangaroo with your baby kangaroo in a pouch, or if both parents are going you could be a whole family of lions or bears. Or how about a butterfly and a baby caterpillar? The opportunities for creating fun and original parent and baby Halloween costumes are infinite!

History of Baby Diapers

Baby diapers are most certainly big business in the United States and all other western countries. Disposable diapers are what most people use and there is a never-ending market for them. Most parents find them much more convenient than cloth diapers. You can clean up easily without having to launder the diaper.

Disposable diapers were first seen in stores in the  1940s, but they took a while to catch on. They were too expensive for most people and those who could afford them often had servants to do the baby care and laundering so they did not see the benefit. Also, the early disposable diapers were just in one size that did not always fit the baby well, so they leaked worse than cloth diapers.

In the 1950s, when disposable diapers started to be manufactured in different sizes, they became more popular with the rich. It was not until the 1970s that the price of disposable diapers (along with many other plastic-based products) dropped to the point where they became affordable for most people. People very quickly found how convenient they were and it was soon considered very old-fashioned and even unhygienic to use cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers have continued to improve every decade, becoming lighter weight, more absorbent and better fitting. Different styled diapers for boys and girls appeared, they were given cute designs, and diapers became more environmentally friendly due to customer demand. There are now several large manufacturers, all claiming to make the best disposable diaper for your baby.

In the late 1990s and 2000s there has been a swing back towards cloth diapers. This has come about for many reasons. One is the increasing interest in the environment. People are concerned at the way our garbage is increasing. They do not always think of the environmental cost of laundering cloth diapers, and the electricity, water and detergent that it uses.

Cloth diapers have changed a lot in the last 50 years. The cotton used these days is treated so that it stays much softer and is easier to wash than it ever used to be. They come in different colors now with cute patterns. Diaper pins have gotten more cute too, and many cloth nappies do not even need them, because they fasten with buttons or velcro.

Even with cloth diapers you do have a disposable section which is the liner. This means you do not have to deal with big mess on the diaper itself. Another advantage of cloth diapers is that children who wear them will usually toilet train earlier because they can feel the unpleasantness of being wet in a cloth diaper. On the other hand, a small baby in a cloth diaper is more likely to wake when it is wet for this same reason.

Cloth diapers are also less irritating to the skin for most babies, and as many babies these days develop skin problems like eczema, this can be important for parents in their choice of baby diapers.