Newborn Baby Cries – The Huge
Benefits From Understanding Their Meaning

The Benefit Of Peaceful Sleep!

Understand the meaning of your newborn baby's cries and enjoy these benefits:

  1. Your baby cries much less
  2. Your baby falls asleep easily
  3. A happier baby
  4. No more frustration not knowing what's
    bothering your baby
  5. No more humiliation not being able to
    comfort your baby and stop the crying
  6. You can promptly satisfy your baby's
    different needs (hunger, fatigue, gas,
    needs burping, discomfort)
  7. Less stress for YOU!

The focus of this information is on your newborn baby cries in the first three months.

First some fundamental concepts:

Compared to other intelligent species on planet earth your baby (even at birth) has a genius level of intelligence.

This point may seem obvious, but it is important to emphasize it, because it helps you appreciate the fact that all babies are born with the intelligent ability to express their different needs.

Who Is Priscilla Dunstan?

Priscilla is the originator of Dunstan Baby Language, which explains in precise detail the meaning of 5 distinct cries that newborn babies make.

You can learn more about this remarkable advance in understanding by viewing a clip from the Oprah Winfrey show.

Just click on Oprah Winfrey's name from the display below to see a 5-minute interview by Oprah of Priscilla Dunstan.

As Featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show: Learn the secret language of your baby
Dunstan Baby Language System - Includes everything you need: $39.95 + S and H
For millions of sleep-deprived moms, this could be life-changing! -Oprah Winfrey
All newborn babies produce 5 distinct "pre-cry" sounds that signal their 5 most important
needs. By listening for these subtle ‘cries’, you are able to prevent the crying from even starting. Dunstan Baby Language System will teach you to identitfy exactly what sounds to listen for, so you know precisely what your newborn needs. Learn how to listen to your baby’s ‘babble’, and respond quickly. Your baby will reward you by sleeping more, allowing you to sleep more.
Dunstan Baby Language System makes all the difference for you and your baby
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Newborn Baby Cries – The Huge Benefits From Understanding Their Meaning